Session #3: Islam and the Challenges of Modernity



Islam, Perennialism and the New Age Movement

Religious movements such as Perennialism (emphasizing truth and salvation of all faiths) and New Age Spirituality (emphasizing being “spiritual” over being “religious”) are largely a product of the growing skepticism towards organized religion. Join us as we attempt to understand the widespread adoption of these movements and explore the balanced counter-narrative from within the Islamic tradition.

By Sh. Yasir Qadhi

Islam and the Human Rights Discourse

Religions have a pre-modern origin and have generally emphasized human dignity. The human rights paradigm in contrast, is a modern concept and defines universal and inalienable rights within a secular framework. Does the secular nature of the discourse introduce a potential of conflict between the two? What then are the possibilities of reconciliation?

By Sh. Yassir Fazaga

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