Life after Death

Life after Death

The certainty of death is universally undisputable. However, few individuals, whether religious or non-religious minded, contemplate and prepare sufficiently for this event. Even the mention of death is considered socially unacceptable in some circles. This session will explore perspectives about death in a positive manner and present reasons why discussions about the topic are viewed otherwise. Barriers to having a positive view of death will be discussed in this interactive session.

Choices and Their Consequences

Islam recognizes the right of every individual to choose their religious belief but also the accountability that comes with such choices.  The major factors that influence our choices on what to believe about life after death will be reviewed.


The Strategy of Satan

Is satan real or simply a myth? Do muslims fear him? How powerful is he? We will explore here the Islamic view of Satan, his approach, and how Muslims are encouraged to protect themselves from his influence.

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