What’s your Goal? Purpose of Life

What’s your Goal? Purpose of Life

Where did we come from?” and “Where are we going?” are two central questions concerning the existence of humankind.  Whether one believes in the existence of a God, the non-existence of a God, or chooses to remain undecided, these questions shape our attitude to life. This section will explore attitudes towards worldly matters such as wealth, status and fame and how these are dependent on our views on the purpose of life.

The American Dream.

America, the land of opportunity, inspires individuals and communities to acquire financial, societal and political successes. America provides the opportunity to serve God and achieve spiritual success too.  The balance between worldly and spiritual success will be discussed in the differing aspirations of the American Dream.

Take Your Heart Back! What is meant by “idolizing” something?    

Celebrities, influential people and the fantasies that they create have always shaped the world views of civilizations. However, idols of the present time tend to be more influential due to their visibility compared to those of the past. Idols of the present time will be compared to those of the past in an effort to critically evaluate their influence to capture the hearts of society and hence their true worthiness of the status of “idol”.

What is the meaning of life? What’s it all about?

The goal of life from the perspective of Islam will be compared with other religious and non-religious views.

Life after Death

Life after Death

The certainty of death is universally undisputable. However, few individuals, whether religious or non-religious minded, contemplate and prepare sufficiently for this event. Even the mention of death is considered socially unacceptable in some circles. This session will explore perspectives about death in a positive manner and present reasons why discussions about the topic are viewed otherwise. Barriers to having a positive view of death will be discussed in this interactive session.

Choices and Their Consequences

Islam recognizes the right of every individual to choose their religious belief but also the accountability that comes with such choices.  The major factors that influence our choices on what to believe about life after death will be reviewed.


The Strategy of Satan

Is satan real or simply a myth? Do muslims fear him? How powerful is he? We will explore here the Islamic view of Satan, his approach, and how Muslims are encouraged to protect themselves from his influence.

Life’s Challenges

Happiness is a feeling that resides in the heart and characterized by peace of mind, tranquility, a sense of well-being, and a relaxed disposition. It is prt of the innate human nature to seek happiness.  However, problematic relationships, financial challenges, loneliness, barriers to career progression and health problems are just a few of the challenges people face while seeking to achieve happiness in this world.  One of the most “elusive” goals of every human being is “Happiness.” At the “Window To Islam” symposium, speakers will explore, along with the audience, how the balance of happiness is disrupted by life’s challenges and the approaches available to resolve such issues.

Addiction and Stress

These conditions are major causes of depression and decline of families and society. But what are the approaches to prevention and treatment for addiction and stress. Medicine, ailments, exercise and counselling all have a place, however, the root cause may often be ignored.  The causes and treatment of addiction and stress will be considered in the context of “What’s your goal?”


Is Life Fair? What is the Reason to Live? What are We Living For? 

Is the enjoyment of life the ultimate goal worth living for? Can a blind and homeless individual be more content than a famous actor? Explore why individuals display such varying levels of contentment.

Window to Islam 2014 – What is your Goal?


Sat 24th May 2014

1. What’s Your Goal? Purpose of Life

  • The American Dream                                                                                                 Sh. Yasir Qadhi
  • Take Your Heart Back! What is meant by “idolizing” something?             Ustadah Yasmin Mogahed
  • What is the meaning of life? What’s it all about?                                              Dr. Tariq Ramadan

2.  Life’s Challenges

  • Addiction and Stress                                                                                                  Sh. Saad Tasleem
  • Is Life Fair? What is the Reason to Live? What are We Living For?         Sh. Omer Sulieman

3. Life after Death 

  • Choices and Their Consequences                                                                         Hamza Tzortzis
  • The Strategy of Satan                                                                                                Nouman Ali Khan

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